After 40 years of service to NPRE and Illinois, Prof. David Ruzic has retired from teaching, but his passion for research and mentorship is as strong as ever.

“The first time I met Dave was in 2008 when I interviewed for a position at UIUC (which I didn’t get, but that’s for another story). Before that, I only knew that he works on plasma/fusion, and nothing else. When we met, it was quickly apparent I was standing in front of a charismatic, enthusiastic, […]

Jeremy Mettler, NPRE/IPI graduate student successfully defended his preliminary exam.

Jeremy Jacob Harry Mettler, a Ph.D. candidate at NPRE/IPI, has successfully passed the preliminary exam on his research on etching-based fluorine radical probes. Mettler’s work focuses on developing and applying novel radical probe designs to achieve spatially resolved measurements of fluorine density in plasma systems, a critical factor in reactive ion etching (RIE) processes. His […]

Christian Williams, a graduate student at IPI, successfully defended his preliminary exam today!

Illinois Plasma Institute graduate student Christian Williams successfully defended his preliminary exam titled “Plasma-Activated Liquids with Applications to the Semiconductor Industry using the Integrated circuit Manufacturing with Plasma Activated Chemical Treatment (IMPACT) Tool.” This work investigates the potential of atmospheric plasma treatment of a liquid (TMAH) used in semiconductor manufacturing for etching and lithography processes. […]

Earn your Master of Engineering in Plasma Engineering

A focused degree that equips you to lead in semiconductor manufacturing, industrial plasmas, nuclear fusion, and more. Finding solutions to current and future processing challenges requires a mastery of the core concepts of plasma engineering as well as topical depth in a professional focus area.  The M.Eng. in Plasma Engineering is a professionally-oriented masterʼs degree from The […]

Illinois Plasma Institute is featured in The Grainger College of Engineering’s biannual magazine.

NPRE professor David Ruzic and his Illinois Plasma Institute have been featured in the Fall 2023 issue of Limitless, The Grainger College of Engineering‘s biannual magazine. In the article, Ruzic talks about IPI’s mission to “rethink existing pathways to commercialization of new technologies developed in academic research settings.” Read the story here:…/illinois-plasma-institute

CPMI and IPI graduate students will present their research

CPMI and IPI graduate students will present the posters in the Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on March 22, 2024 at 4pm. They will either highlight a research project or provide a summary of all the research group’s activities. They will present “Fusion Liquid Metal Research”, “The Illinois […]